Who runs this?

New_ Public started in 2019 when co-directors Talia Stroud and Eli Pariser asked themselves what thriving publics need from digital spaces. Deepti Doshi joined as Co-Director in 2022. Everything written in the newsletter is signed by the author.

Head of Editorial: Josh Kramer

What is New_ Public?

New_ Public is a non-profit R&D lab. We are researchers, engineers, and designers, working together to explore creating new online social spaces where people can thrive and connect. We think this work is essential for democracy.

If we want to foster connection, facilitate pluralism, and encourage civic engagement, we need flourishing, public-spirited digital social spaces. We work by partnering and co-designing with community stewards (mods, admins) and public institutions.

We’re in this to serve, remove obstacles to power, and make life significantly better for people, especially folks from underestimated communities.

This newsletter allows us to dive deeper into specific themes that interest us while bringing together a bunch of diverse, smart voices in one place. We’ll be in your inbox every two weeks with nuanced, thoughtful takes on what the future of digital public spaces might look like and fresh new ideas about how to get there.

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We’re forming a community of people who care about building the next generation of social media platforms and rethinking online connection.

You can find us on Mastodon, Instagram, LinkedIn, Bluesky, and Threads, but the best way to follow along is by reading this newsletter.

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Josh Kramer

Writer // Illustrator // Cartoonist Head of Editorial, New_ Public

Deb Schultz

Digital placemaker and ecosystem builder. I have been working to build a more human social web since - well - the beginning. Technology changes, humans don't.

Eli Pariser

New_ Public co-director

Sam Liebeskind

Product partnerships @ New_ Public

Ravon Ruffin

strategist, educator, and community designer who focuses on public engagements with art, the Internet, and archives to build sustainable ecosystems.

Angelica Quicksey

coffee & community & the great outdoors • now: urban planner for the internet at New_ Public, board at Technologists for the Public Good • always: civic technologist & designer

Esther Abosch

Digital Content Producer at New_ Public

New_ Public

We’re a community of thinkers, designers, and technologists building the digital public spaces of the future.

Deepti Doshi

New_ Public Co-Director

Jasmine Lewis

The Poetic Warrior Multi-Intentional Scholar, Artist, and Vanguard of Social Change

Melanie Kahl

🌱Nudging what's possible for people and places online and off. ✨A neighbor, noticer, auntie, friend, teacher, citizen, and curator. 🔭 Design, strategy, and facilitation for flourishing organizations and services. Design director and doula

Keren Ruth Wong

Partnerships @ IDEO Play Lab

Victoria Sgarro

Designer, Writer, Economist