Tuesday Open Thread: What are you looking out for in 2022?

In our last newsletter we shared what some New_ Public Advisory Board members were looking out for in 2022. On Twitter and in our partner newsletters, we’ve been sharing more responses from contributors. Let’s keep the #Lookoutfor2022 energy going. Tell us:

What one idea, issue, person, or event should people look out for in 2022?

You can keep your post related to social media and the internet, or go farther afield — we want to know what you’re thinking about in this upcoming year. 

Alternatively, if you’re over the new year and ready to move on: I’d love to hear your thoughts about The Matrix Resurrections, specifically regarding what the movie has to say about social media.

We are assuming that you, like us, are looking for more flourishing places on the internet. We want this to be one of those places! Please treat others with openness, generosity, and respect.