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I have an auto-response email that says something like:

“Thanks for your message! In the interest of keeping my days productive, manageable and joyful, I limit the time I spend responding to emails each day. That means it may take a few extra days for me to get back to you. Thanks for your patience in helping me set healthy digital boundaries.”

I was nervous on the impact of my biz at first, but I usually get back a response asking if they can use it too ☁️✨💆🏻‍♀️

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Hey all,

Love the PD work, newsletter and threads. I stumbled across something from a boss in my earlier days in digital (ohhhh let's say that was *cough* a few years ago now). Anyway, its resonated recently with me because it respected other people's time - which I think is pretty key to subtly communicating the need to slow down - and also by default, respected my own time and approach..

It does remind me that the same challenges remain (and are somewhat worse) today as did then - with time and headspace management.

"Clients and colleagues are in meetings all day every day. It’s just the way things are. Therefore, I suggest a 50-20-10 rule.

50-word emails.

20-minute meetings.

10-slide decks. "

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Hi New_ Public fam!

I like to practice not logging in to any social media platforms until after a certain time (preferably noon, but sometimes a bit before) on weekdays. Also, I keep my notifications turned off for everything online except priority emails, which relieves a lot of unnecessary stress and burden.

I am hoping to start making more space to use social media intentionally instead of just mindlessly scrolling. Like substituting a 2 hour scrolling session through Instagram for a 2 hour documentary/interview binge-watching session.

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In the workplace, I've found that tools like Slack and Teams encourage instant replies and thinking-as-I-type. I try to use the "remind me" function in Slack and the "Do not disturb" function on my laptop to hide notifications (or snooze them) while I'm doing focused work, and can get back to them later. It's so much more satisfying to be able to take the time to give a thoughtful response!

In the rest of life, the "avoiding-breaking-news" suggestion really resonates with me. There is such a nonstop flow of content you could be consuming at any given time, especially news. I'm going to challenge myself to try to unplug from that, and maybe also to generally seek out specific content rather than letting it get pushed to me and feel pressure to absorb it all (except from your newsletter, of course! But that doesn't come at me multiple times a day :)).

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Jul 12, 2022·edited Jul 12, 2022Author

Why should slowing down and being more connected be on the user to hack?

We've been thinking a lot about the constraints and ephemerality of some new platforms, features, spaces, and behaviors i.e wordle or the new social app BeReal:



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One of the things we've been fascinated by is constraints and ephemerality in design to encourage authenticity and presence - i.e. Wordle, the new social app: BeReal: https://www.elitedaily.com/news/what-is-bereal-app-how-to-use

Is there anything we could build into the tools themselves?

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- Never copy paste

- Navigate only via links

- Write/draw messages on paper, take a photo, and send that photo

- Create a spreadsheet of people you follow, so you can unfollow everyone and empty your feeds

- Never talk about yourself

- Remove all notifications, get a burner phone, only give number to lovers, friends and family

- Instead of posts, create websites

- Bring your laptop and place yourself in a public park when online

- Join five zoom calls at the same time

- Write alt text first

- Downgrade your internet connection

- Set an eternal OOO responder to your email

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I wonder about practices people have noticed at the community level.

There's a faith-based group that turns their posting function off each Sunday for Sabbath. Are any other communities implementing slow-down norms or rituals for summer?

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Love this prompt. 🐌

Some personal practices* (that I'm gently trying this summer). 🌞A big thing is around digital habits in the morning, some I like:

- "Wake up in your own life"- Instead of scrolling other people's lives in little squares. Wake up in your own context and mind. Look outside, write morning pages.

- "Be a human first" - Before going to the phone, do things a human needs. Breathe, Stretch, Drink a glass of water, Move body or meditate—— all before becoming a disembodied head on the internet.

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I try to do one online task at a time. Also, instead of automatically logging into social media or the news, I ask myself what I am needing in the moment. Most likely a break- so I should as well really take a moment to rest my mind (e.g. take a walk, pet my cats, take a deep breath).

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Eliminate breaking news emails from newspapers

Only look at listserves once a day

Refrain from reply to all

More one on one contact

Curate real discussions online that you used to have with friends at your caffe.

Listen to the Speaker, take a moment to pause to digest and then offer a response

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