Tuesday Open Thread: Ask New_ Public’s Decentralization Magazine Writers!

If you’re new here, we’re New_ Public, and we’re focused on creating flourishing digital public spaces. Welcome to our second Tuesday Open Thread! We miss reading magazines in coffee shops, and going to book readings, and so we decided to celebrate our first magazine issue by connecting the writers with the readers. Today’s prompt:

What do you want to ask our Decentralization Mag writers? 

We’ve devoted our first issue of New_ Public Magazine to decentralization, in all its various forms and meanings.

We’re hoping that many of you have read the issue (and if you haven’t, quick! there’s still time to get a question in) and that it’s gotten your mind spinning with ideas, not-yet-fully-developed-thoughts and questions about the rapidly evolving fringes of our internet lives. 

Here’s your chance to ask our writers… absolutely anything about their piece. 

As a refresher, we had: 

Please mention the author by their full name so they can jump in and answer some of your questions. 

The first 25 people who drop a question will get a paper copy of the magazine mailed to them (whether your question is answered promptly or not). GO!  

We are assuming that you, like us, are looking for more flourishing places on the internet. We want this to be one of those places! Please treat others with openness, generosity and respect.