Tuesday Open Thread: New_ Public’s version of the community corkboard

Today is our inaugural Tuesday Open Thread. It’s inspired by the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab and by Danielle Baskin’s amazing Cofounder Quest. We want to know: 

What are you working on and what could be useful to you? 

You, our readers, come from a beautiful intersection of disciplines all interested in and/or working around the theme of public-spirited tech in some way. This is just one of the small ways we’re trying to get to know you, and offer you a chance to get to know others in our growing community. 

Feel free to consider “working on” as informally as you’d like — a side project, a thesis, a work project, a book, or anything else! Share as much as you like, but ideally say enough about what you’re working on and any questions that have you stuck, or resources you can’t find, or collaborators you are in search of, so that others can helpfully chime in! 

We are assuming that you, like us, are looking for more flourishing places on the internet. We want this to be one of those places! Please treat others with openness, generosity and respect.