Tuesday Open Thread: Better Know a Concept

We recently introduced a feature to our newsletter called “Better Know a Concept.” Our first example was “Calm Technology,” a concept first thought up in 90’s Xerox PARC and still relevant today. If we find that an idea, theory, or term keeps surfacing in our conversations about the internet and could use a bit more unpacking, we’ll take a closer look in the newsletter. So we’re asking you: 

What’s a concept that you wish everyone knew about?

We’re thinking specifically about ideas that relate to communities online, but we’re extremely open-minded in our interpretation. Extra points for your thoughts on :

  • how the concept works

  • an example of it in action and

  • how it applies to digital public spaces  

We are assuming that you, like us, are looking for more flourishing places on the internet. We want this to be one of those places! Please treat others with openness, generosity and respect.